Organizing The Spices.

Our family loves spices. We almost always double the amount listed in recipes – other than salt (with few exceptions, we don’t use salt at all).  We keep pepper available in the kitchen, and we have one main “spice drawer” in our kitchen filled with the items we use the most often. We have several additional boxes of lesser-used spices that we keep in a high cupboard.  The smell of them is fantastic!

But.. our spices get messy. SO messy!

This morning, before work, I organized my spice drawer. Surprisingly, it took me less than 15 minutes. I took everything out, wiped down the inside of the drawer, then decided to use Sharpie markers to write the spice names on the lids. It occurred to me that most of the mess has been as a result of needing to pull out all the different bottles and jars to see what the label on the front said, so this should help significantly.

Here’s the before and after shot. I’m pleased – but we’ll see how long it stays tidy..


I used a regular (purple) Sharpie on the lighter coloured lids and a metallic silver one for the black lids.

The overflow boxes of spices are still up in the cupboard and, at some point, I may decide to clean them out a bit too! Easy peasy!